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More is Less!

Hi all,

As a follow-up to my last post which should have been a full post I’ve lost 1.8 lbs!  I asked my counselor to bump it to 2 but she laughed at me. 🙂  I have finished all the Jenny Craig food as of last night but have already started counting calories on my own food since what I had left was just a meal or two.  It is not easy!  Counting the ounces etc. is easy, but how much cheese was melted on that chicken, did I really eat a cup of salad or was it two?  It is tedious, which is why the Jenny Craig food is so simple! By the way they have changed their name to “Jenny” and dropped the Craig and Mariah Carey is now the new spokesperson – not sure I can relate to her.

I watched the streaming video of the new announcement of Jenny with some great Doctors and Mariah. It was a good video but I still don’t really relate to having stars be the spokesperson.  She has the money to have people cook for her and train her to get back into shape. I’d really rather see regular people succeeding and put them on-screen.  Here is the link if you want to watch it.  http://www.jennycraig.com/jennylive

I have definitely gone over my calorie count on a day or two but I’m getting used to it. I’m trying to keep to 1200 calories a day.  I’m also moving more. I was up at 5:30 am the other day so I vacuumed instead of just sitting and drinking coffee.  I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting out chemicals from my diet.  That would be extremely hard. I mean going to food that are not processed, more natural nothing that had added chemicals, preservatives etc.  The one issue is that its much more expensive to eat that way. I’m just not sure I can really do it.

So, the goal this week is to move more – 5,000 steps a day and to really count absolutely everything that I put in my mouth and if I cannot find the nutrition information then I shouldn’t eat it – right?  I’d like to get to 8,000 steps a day like they said on the video – wish me luck!  I have a couple hours before I have meet my new potential landlord so I think I’ll go for walk.  Have a great day everyone!


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  1. I am on the whole weight loss journey as well. I haven’t tried any of the advertised programs out there like Jenny…but I have had friends who have had great results with it so for that I say keep it up!! I do have to comment and ask why are you trying to keep at 1200 calories a day? That really isn’t very much. And I say that as a complete stranger in the hopes that you don’t get frustrated by eating so little. I haven’t started the whole counting calories as of yet…I know that 1700 a day along with regular exercise should get me to loose about two pounds a week. I am still getting back into my gym routine…anyways…I just wanted to ask about the whole 1200 thing…why are you going with that number? Just curious…and please don’t take me wrong…just well…”curious”….take care and I will check in on you to see how things are going!! 🙂

    ~Angie aka Mary

    • Hi there, Thank you for your question!! To answer it; the 1,200 comes from calculating my weight, BMI and activity level to be able to burn enough calories to lose weight. Jenny Craig did the math but I’ve also known it was about that much from other weight loss programs I’ve been on. I’m not hungry at all if I eat 1,200 over the course of the day with about 4-5,000 step a day. I also know that if I ever get off my butt and really exercise it won’t be enough but that is a future calculation.
      I started eating my own food again because of the upcoming move and counting is very hard when you eat mixed food ie. turkey and ground beef meatloaf that you make yourself – hard to calculate for me anyway. 🙂 I’m doing my best to estimate stuff like that. I’ll check in on your progress too! Thank you!

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