A blog about my journey through the weight loss jungle, and the all the stuff that goes with it on the way to a healthier me.


This week I am a little up and down. Up because of the many amazingly supportive comments on my previous posts – thank you so much! Down because I still have to make dinner for my kids and sometimes I just want what they are having, so there is a little bit of jealousy creeping in. The steak tips my Dad had last night were amazing! *sigh*.

Anyway, I just got back from an excellent Social Media Summit (http://esmboston.eventbrite.com/). It was great. I was actually there to learn for my job and I did! I have lots of ideas to research and hopefully implement.

Something I forgot to plan on – eating at a convention, ugh. I really thought I had a handle on how to do this but I fell right back into my old routine – too much coffee, not enough water and not enough good food.

I obviously couldn’t bring my Jenny Craig food with me. I did eat a great breakfast but that is about it.

At lunch there was a salad (yes I had salad) spinach wraps with lettuce and tomato but only the choice of turkey, ham roast beef or a chicken salad. I don’t trust anything with mayo so I opted for the turkey cold cuts. Not too bad right? Well, then there was minestrone soup (bland) and later chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, and orange slices with shaved chocolate. I tried all of them. 😦

So I’m home and feeling like a failure and I’m being crabby about it. More to come…


Comments on: "Some emotional updates and blog moves" (3)

  1. Don’t feel like a failure! You are human! Another day to start over will come :]

  2. […] which was amazing.  I won’t go over the decisions I made about food again, you can read that here.  Even though it was only week two and I had lost weight I kept thinking I could do this without […]

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